Infoserve Technology Institute was closed due to lease expiration since June 31st.
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Infoserve Recruiting

Sales Internship Program

Outstanding Information Technology Firm is seeking Professional Sales agent to sell its all-in-one business solution software package with high commission based salary. Our product is e-commerce solution and today every business needs an online solution to sell their products and services. We can customize our products based on client needs and our technical team will help qualified sales agents to assure customer satisfaction.

Qualification Summary
  • Polished professional who can build on successful history of building client relationships to deliver superior, personalized client service, cultivate strong business relationships, make real-time decisions in high-pressure environments, and resolve issues in a way that propels innovation and growth.
  • Creative thinker and effective problem-solver, with the ability to compete in fast-paced environments, readily adapt to new technology via education and implementation experience.
  • Satisfy clients by providing value-added service, improving learning and achievement, enhancing staff communications and specifically addressing the uniqueness of clients' situations and concerns.
  • Exceptional communicator cited for developing and nurturing key national and international contacts also fluent in English.
Areas of Expertise
  • Negotiation/ Persuasion
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Intelligence/Strategy
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Sales Support
  • Global Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • IT Consulting/Training
  • Software Engineering

To apply, email your resume to or call 718-326-8888. Ask for Steve to learn more.

Job Title: Student Advisor


  • Assists foreign students in making academic, personal-social, and environmental adjustment to campus and community life.
  • Evaluates students' qualifications in light of admission requirements and makes recommendations relative to admission.
  • Develops and maintains case histories, noting language, educational, social, religious, or physical problems affecting students' adjustments.
  • Provides informal counseling and orientation regarding recreational and religious outlets, study habits, and personal adjustments.
  • Interprets institute regulations and requirements.
  • Assists students in complying with government regulations concerning status, immigration, visas, passports, permission to work, and related matters.
  • Represents students in cases involving conflict with regulations.
  • Cooperates with other personnel service bureaus to assist in adjustment of students.
  • Approves students' proposed budgets and requests release of funds from students' home governments to meet financial obligations.
  • Recommends students for scholarships, grants-in-aid, and waivers of tuition fees on basis of scholarship, character.
  • Encourages and coordinates activities of groups which promote understanding of foreign cultures.
  • May assist in curriculum planning.
  • Eligible to issue I-20 preferred.